Kilim bags

handmade kilim or gilim bag
Handmade kilim bag

From oriental bags we introduce you kilim bag,they bags include bags, laptop bags and tablets, backpacks, sunglasses, bagpipes, school bags, student bags.

Dyeing bags is quite herbal no chemicals are used in the production of kilim bags. All stages of production are carried out by hand we accept your all orders. This is one of the unique features of kilim bags The bags do not get screwed up. Steps to produce kilim bags:

1.      shearing sheep in the spring

2.      Washing the wool with soap and water

3.      Cleaning and combing wool

4.      Spinning wool

5.      Designing and coloring kilim map

6.      Dyeing the fibers based on the color of the map

7.      Dog laying the warp and weaving cloth by weavers

8.      Washing kilim

9.      Designing bag and producing it

10.  Lining on the kilim

11.  Cutting knit lining based on the pattern of bags (front, back)

12.  Sewing the components of the bag together and install the ties and fittings

Termeh Bags

other category from oriental bags ,Terme-Bafi  is one of the finest woven fabrics of Iran.The fibers are silk and high quality wool fibers. Dyeing is done using plants and natural minerals.

  • Woman handbag
  • Shoulder bag
  • Wallet
  • Backpack
  • Shopping bag
terme quilted shopping bag
terme quilted shopping bag

Ghalamkar Print Bags

Ghalamkar is one of the traditional prints of Iran, In this ancient Iranian industry, the Master transmits the pattern through a wooden stamp on the fabric.

  • Shopping bag
  • Backpack
  • wallet
Handmade Ghalamkar Shopping Bag
Handmade Ghalamkar Shopping Bag

Leather Bags

Among the countries Iranian leather is famous for its desirable leather. You can access all kind of leather in Iran, from calf and sheep to cowhide. Iranian with three hundred -year history is pioneer in production of leather. Archeological discoveries from B.C. shows that about 1500 years back Iranian have used hide to produce clothes, shoes and armaments. Iran is historically a leather producer and its products are well-known. Iran’s leather and skins have high quality.

  • Woman hand bag
  • Student bag
  • Bag for men
  • Bag embroidered
  • Laptop and camera bag
leather handmade bag from Perisa
leather handmade bag from Iran


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