Metal Engraving ( Ghalamzani )

Metal Engraving

What is Metalwork (Engraving or Ghalam-zani)

Metalworking is a science, art, hobby, industry, and trade. Its historical roots span cultures, civilizations, and millennia. Metalworking has evolved from the discovery of smelting various ores, producing malleable and ductile metal useful for tools and adornments.
Engraving (Ghalam-zani) is a term, for artistic metalworking, by hammering gold, silver, copper, brass, engraving, Repoussé and chasing to form minute detailed reliefs or small engraved patterns. Art engraving has a long history in Iran back to more than several thousand years ago.

silver engraving works from Persia
silver engraved vase from Persia

Use of (Engraving or Ghalam-zani)
Home décor, wall décor, tableware, kitchenware
flower vase
bowl and plate
Tea set
Engraved Tea Tray
Sugar Bowl
Engraved Sweet Bowl with Lid
Wall hanging plate / wall decoration plate
Candy dish/chocolate dish
jewelry box
Liquor Decanters jugs
Hubble bubble


metal engraving in persia
metal engraving in Persia

Methods of Engraving (Ghalamzani)

Meanwhile, engraving with various plans and methods have been led to the amount of Engraving production whose current methods include:

1. Outstanding work:

In this work, the job is performed on both sides of the metal making the out-stood part on the metal sheet of high appreciation.

2. Half outstanding or relief work:

In this method, the background is hammered down by an engraving steel tool and therefore, the plan on the metal looks outstanding to some extent.

3. Special picture:

In this method, only the lines of the circumference of the design are engraved making tiny and multi – designed background without any outstanding part.

4. Engraving through metal removing:

In this method, some part of the metal is removed by steal tools depressing the metal. In special cases, ( if copper has been covered by tin ) the red color shine and gloss of copper Can be observed beside the silver color of tin .

this method is considered to be the oldest Among all the methods of engraving being performed in a similar course known as carving without the hammer.

5. Latticing:

By removing some whole parts of the metal, a netted shape will be created which is Performed by cutting tools and hammer creating a job like latticing with hacksaw.

6. Kuftehgari or gold blocking:

This is an excellent pattern of engraving along which the circumference lines of the plan are carved placing new soft metals in their groves. this method is mostly performed on steel.
The introductory periods are all similar in the steps above. First, selecting the metal. Then tar covering of behind the metal to absorb the shock of the hammer. After that, it is time to make designations on the material. And at last, engraving with different sorts of tools whose result will be decorating the metal with geometric and miniature designs which will be created through engraving, grazing or pressing the metal surface.

Find out (Engraving or Ghalam-zani) is handmade or not?

There may be some dishonest people to make more profit, by molding a metal object, a device that has been depicted on the scene as a graffiti avoid being cheated just pay attention the following points:

1-pressed works are light, the machine cannot function on a thick sheet of copper or brass.

2- The designs are completely regular; they are not crooked. While handmade work patterns are not quite uniform.

3-the pressed works are cheaper than handmade works.

Pricing of Persian (Engraving or Ghalam-zani) works

1-firstly its prices depend on the quality of metal, silver is more expensive than brass and brass in more expensive than cooper.
2-secondly, its price depends on the type of motif and its elegance. the smaller motifs the higher quality, Human – and especially the face – is more expensive due to its hardness.
3-thirdly, the signature of the artists makes the same more expensive

Where to buy Engraving or Ghalam-Zani works ?

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