Armita Handicraft Co is located in Isfahan; the well-known city for its unique Persian handicrafts and rug, An Online Art Gallery Of Exquisite Persian Arts & Crafts These handicrafts are very famous for some reasons as below:

  • Iranian handicrafts are so high quality that you can pass down from generation to generation2-
  • the colors are used applying psychology to please and smooth any viewer.
  • Having variety answering any taste even exquisite taste
  • Can be customized any design on request.

Here you can have access to a variety of quality and unique Persian handicrafts including Luxury jewelry box, serve ware, Candy /Nut/fruit bowl, Wall hanging plates, Picture frames, Mirror frames, Wall Clock, Statues, Tablecloth, Rugs, Flower vases, Candlestick/Holders, Chessboard and Backgammon, Tea/coffee/wine set and other traditional hand-made products that are a perfect reflection of the richness of the Persian culture and heritage.

Persia has been a center of civilization for at least 7000 years. Iran art as one of the richest art heritages in world history and encompasses many disciplines including:

  • Metal Engraving (Ghalamzani) on copper/ silver/brass/gold
  • Enamel Persian Minakari on copper/gold
  • Persian Painting on leather/stone/leaf/Ostrich egg/Bone items.
  • Khatam Kari Persian Marquetry
  • Inlaid Turquoise (Firoozeh Koobi) with natural turquoise of Persia
  • Persian Pottery and Ceramics
  • Papier Mache
  • Rugs and Carpets
  • Kalamkar Hand Printed Textile
  • Termeh quilted Textile